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AnOriant Ideation LLP is a Singapore registered company created with the mission to offer business organizations with expert Information Technology management consultancy services in areas of digital, technology, systems services, business transformation, project delivery and comprehensive IT governance.

Why AnOriant Ideation?

  • You find yourself in a situation that requires external perspective or a different point-of-view to break the deadlock

  • You are in need of an interim professional technology director to facilitate transition

  • Your project or services require additional competency / experience boost to recover the KPIs or meet the deadlines

  • You wish to reassess your tech portfolio, your IT services or your application blueprint and want a fresh pair of eyes over it

  • You want to kickstart a project but need resources augmentation as your current management team is at maximum capacity

  • You lack IT strategic approach / competency in your technology team, but do not wish to employ a CTO full time

AnOriant Ideation LLP is the right choice to provide answer to your challenge. Please contact us at info@anoriant.com